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Freeze Dried Ice Cream-An Ideal Snack for Parties, the Office, and Camping

Since its inception many years ago, freeze dried ice cream has grown to become a favorite of both children and adults alike. Made using an innovative vacuum pump technology, these tasty treats are light, non-messy, and therefore, make suitable desserts for office and camping, and treats for children during birthday parties. Other reasons why frozen ice creams are ideal snacks are:


Contrary to what many individuals think, freeze dried ice cream is very delicious.. Even though its dry and crunch, and the coldness people know ice creams for, you will never regret buying this snack. Moreover, like traditional ice creams, frozen ones are attainable in array of flavors, shapes, and sizes. You simply choose what you like and then enjoy the experience.


Like other dehydrated foods, frozen ice cream is highly practical. For instance, because it has only around 2 percent water, frozen ice cream is very light. You can carry them in an envelope to office or in a bag when going camping, without burdening yourself. Second, are you planning a birthday party and afraid of the mess you will have to contend with after hosting such an event? This is another reason why you should consider serving frozen ice creams. They are compact, do not crumble easily, and generally, less messy than many contemporary snacks. Your child’s friends can even carry the leftovers home. Finally, with the introduction of frozen ice creams, individuals who have sweet tooth can enjoy this tasty treat all years round, without affecting their health. Whether it is summer or winter months, you will not regret buying ice cream.


If you own an ice cream shop, freeze dried ice creams are very easy to store. For instance, compared to non-frozen ones, you do not need a refrigerator or a cooler box to maintain their consistency. Generally, you can leave them at room temperature for a long time without lowering or affecting their quality. Second, because they are light and compact, frozen ice creams do not require a lot of storage space. If you do not want to use cans or buckets that take a lot of space, you can pack many frozen ice creams in a zip lock bag and stack one on another on your shelf. They will stay fresh and delicious for long either way.

Shelf Life

When preparing frozen ice cream, many companies use a powerful dehydration chamber (usually a vacuum) to sublimate water from its ingredients (milk, etc.) At the end of the process, you get a delicious, light, and highly compact ice cream that has lost over 98 percent of its water capacity. This not only improves its taste and ease of storage, but also its shelf life. If you store frozen ice cream on a clean area located away from harsh environmental elements such as moisture, it will stay fresh for weeks and even months. If you improve its packaging and use an oxygen absorber during storage, you prolong its shelf life by up to three years. This is helpful, especially if you are a seller.

Posted By Eric M. Ortega